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 Reservations for STA-5/6 Escorted Driving Trips :   available through -December  2016 on Click:   Link to register for STA 5/6 Driving Trips

Link to register for STA 5/6 Driving Trips  

or copy and paste this URL: http://tinyurl.com/sta5-6

Birding  or photography clubs will need to call    863-674-0695/863-517-02020  or  email Margaret England   (sta5birding@embarqmail.com)  in order to reserve dates and times



Hendry County Cooperative Extension Dallas Townsend Building located

at 1085 Pratt Blvd. in LaBelle at 7 p.m.  

Monday December 14:

Dr. Ralph Lerman will be demonstrating woodcarving and display his carved bird collections.  After his presentation cake will be served to celebrate Hendry-Glades Audubon’s 10th year as an Audubon Chapter.

Monday January 11: Mark Terrell, Environmental Specialist “Exotic Species”

Monday February 8: Brenda Brooks “CREW”

Monday March 21:Rhonda Roff “Climate Reality”

STA- 5/6 ( Stormwater Treatment Area- 5/6)  Information Stormwater Treatment Area- 5/6 is open to the public during daylight hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays year-round, and on Sundays except during posted duck-harvesting days in fall and winter. In addition to the guided tours, you can hike or bike the 18 miles of trails. No motorized vehicles are allowed, except during driving trips with Audubon tours.

liability Release for Driving Trips;  LiabilityReleaseForRegularActivities_2014 – Copy


Join Hendry Glades Audubon, Select Chapter Code E51

 STA-5/6 Public  Access: 3 opportunities

Organized Van Trips: Friday Bus Trips Clewiston Museum ( Educational Program plus visit to STA5 limit 10 participants)  Email Butch Wilson for tour schedules at clewistonmuseum@embarqmail.com or contact him at 863- 983-2870. Go to http://clewistonmuseum.org/ to learn about the Clewiston Museum and its programs. Organized Driving Trips: 25 Scheduled Saturdays and Great Backyard Bird Count Weekend Driving Trips: Reservations required  Hendry-Glades Audubon  www.hendrygladesaudubon.org  

Personal Walking/Bicycling Visits : Friday, Saturday, Monday Year Round and limited number of Sundays (Closed during Sunday Fall & Winter Duck Hunts ) : Daylight Hours: Park in Public Access Parking  Area at east end of Deer Fence Road, (Cross the bridge, continue east of the tower to parking area where the  kiosk and toilets are located. Daylight Hours: Park in Public Access Parking  Area at east end of Deer Fence Road, (Cross the bridge, continue east of the tower to parking area where the  kiosk and toilets are located. Sunday (Duck Hunts)

STA-5/6 Driving Trips:  Reservations are  required.  Openings are available in   2015 and  2016.   Trips will begin at the Deer Fence Trailhead.  (see map, directions and dates) STA-5/6 Schedule, Lodging, and Friday Eco-tours to STA5/6 and Lake Okeechobee Click here for information:   ;   STA-5/6 Deer Fence Written directions

STA5 BIRD-WATCHING TRIPS (South Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail Site)  Through a partnership with Hendry-Glades Audubon, the South Florida Water Management District will offer to the public escorted birding trips to Stormwater Treatment Area 5 (STA-5/6) located at the east end of Deer Fence Road located 27 miles south of Clewiston in eastern Hendry County.

2015/2016 Birding Tours STA-5/6 Bird List & Escorted Tours Schedule

Stormwater Treatment Area 5 Southeast Hendry County, FL 2015 (Saturdays Only) . October 10, November 14, 28, December 5, 19 2016 (Saturdays Only except for GBBC weekend Feb. 14 &15) January 2 “Christmas Bird Count” Jan. 16. Jan. 30 Feb. 13, 14, 15 “GBBC” Everyone Welcome to the Great Backyard Bird Count Fun Days. Feb. 20,  March 12, 19. April 2,16, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13. September 10, October 8, November 5,19, December 3,17 December 31 “Christmas Bird Count”


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